Zendesk Managed Services

Consultants and developers who are just one call away!

Zendesk Managed Services.
You own and run a business, which already keeps you on your toes; you don’t need the stress of what’s happening at the operational level. Dazeworks managed services are designed to ensure that your business always enjoys the solutions that align with your dynamic needs. There is a solid customer support team at the back end to instantly solve any technical and administrative issues.
Additionally, as your organization grows, our solutions grow with you. So you don’t worry about scalability because we’ve got you covered.

What We Do?

  1. Regularly generating reports for accurate analysis report generation
  2. Setting-up complex business rules
  3. Managing Zendesk system

How We Do?

Experts on Board

We have a team with diverse professional backgrounds and skill sets. This helps us in tackling the challenges of projects from all verticals.
Their in-depth knowledge and experience allow us to extend bespoke solutions without incurring massive overheads.

Unparalleled Quality

Quality over quantity is a simple mantra that reflects our work process. Before the final solution reaches you, it goes through rigorous testing and monitoring to ensure that there are no lags and bugs that may disrupt your experience.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our agile team aims to provide quick turnaround time with every project. To achieve the same we adhere to an organized and well-structured process to ensure that the development process is carried out efficiently and the project can be delivered timely.